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February 08 2018

I….. really need to do something about my sleeping…..


girls on here being like “i don’t know how to talk to women i don’t know how to get in a relationship with a woman blah blah blah” like FOOLS. You Are Woman. just do what you would want a girl to do for you and then ram her into the mattress

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Did you know you can fish in gym statues? Fucking weird.

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It was an emergency.

Have a dumb lazy comic I threw together. I’m going to paint one next which is going to be a McFreaking nightmare, but I’m here for the challenge!!!

it’s really nice to get experience with conveying my concerns about work I have to do and people are super understandable with it too. I actually spent over 10 hours in two days doing one thing that couldn’t have been done easily. talked to a producer about it and now we’re changing how it works. I really shouldn’t have taken that long but lol live and learn. It won’t take as long next time!

February 07 2018

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Mood board for the fbi agent that watches me

Ugh the dialogue in 50 Shades is just….so awkward. Like what 20 something even talks like this?? I swear they sound like they’re 40 year old Brits

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Pokemon Yellow Version (1998)

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This is the most underrated marvel movie of all time tbh.

You know why

they said freeze and shot him, this was realistic


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Shadows is a stylish first person puzzler in which solid objects can be illusions and only the shadows tell the truth.

Read More & Play The Full Game, Free (Windows & Browser)

Money Can Buy


  • Independence & Safety (not having to rely on abusive people, getting to control how you spend your time and money)
  • Experiences (travel, events, vacations, entertainment)
  • Health (medical care, reduced stress, good food, good location)
  • Opportunity (car, apartment, safety net, “looking professional”)
  • Confidence (clothes that make you look good, things that make you feel good)

That seems a lot like happiness

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So it seems that even with False Prophet gone they couldn’t stop releasing more pokemon (r.i.p. Dux, Digrat & Cabbage aka Seed of Hope)



when she wanna talk that nasty shit on text

when you tell her pull up but she hit you with “we’ll see”

I used these 😂😂😂

Holy shit I am such a sucker for tattoos…. god

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Female Awesome Meme (33/50) Female Dynamics: Karolina Dean and Nico Minoru. “Sorry. I’ve just wanted to do that for a really long time. And after tonight… I didn’t know if I’d get the chance.”

My Bi baby Nico w my Lesbian sweetie Karolina 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Happy wlw make me happy

We really gotta be out here in full force for Black Panther. This is a good chance to show the industry that yes people WILL watch movies featuring black people that’s not just another slavery or civil rights movie. Let’s do this please.


Sometimes Elder Scrolls lore gets glossed over or vanishes into the void, then there’s that one time the devs remembered that Bosmer are cannibals and eat their fallen foes, then came up with a scenario where a losing tribe poisoned themselves so when they were eaten they took the winning tribe with them and that just gives me chills.

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